Forms & Resources

Event Registration Form

To start the process of reserving your date, please fill out the online registration form for your event. Once completed, you will receive an email notification to send in the contract and deposit.

Oasis Contract

Our contractual agreement is a binding contract that you agree to adhere to in order to have an event at Oasis. This form needs to be printed and mailed in with your deposit to secure your date.

Menu Options

Our menu items are top notch, and the food at Oasis is one of the most complimented services included. We’ve crafted delicious meal choices that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Medical Form for Minors

The medical release form for minors is to be filled out by a parent or legal guardian of anyone 17 years of age or under. This form is due upon arrival in order for a minor to stay on the grounds.

Meeting Notes

We understand that you may be in the early stages of planning your event. That’s why we created a brief 2 page summary of our website to easily print and take with you to your next meeting.

Wireless Internet Policy

Wifi is provided in specific buildings for your convenience. This is a high speed password protected connection that can be used by all guests. By logging on, you agree to our wifi policy.

The Ultimate Retreat Planning Guide

In January of 2013, Andy McClung created a website called Christian Camp Pro to help camp and retreat coordinators discover free resources to plan amazing retreats. Now, Christian Camp Pro has over a million visitors a year and 25,000 subscribers! In November of 2016, Andy took the best of Christian Camp Pro and years of experience running Oasis Christian Center to create The Ultimate Retreat Planning Guide. This book is aimed at helping both new and seasoned retreat coordinators. In this book you will learn:

  1. The fundamentals of retreating
  2. How to build the perfect event team
  3. Easy ways to promote your retreat
  4. Steps to use during the event itself
  5. How to properly end a retreat
  6. Planning the ultimate retreat is a blast!

If you are looking to take your event to the next level, but feeling a little overwhelmed, this book is for you.

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